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Chirps: How Good is Goldy?

Paul Goldschmidt is a Cardinal.

This week, Tara and Alex revisit that fact to debate the idea that Goldy is underpaid, underrated, and under appreciated already in St Louis. Too strong?

Well, it depends on how you assign value (everything comes back to that these days, doesn't it?).

  • Is value about the whole body of work?

  • The "what have you done for me lately" years?

  • The potential for the future?

  • In which of those ways is Goldy less than... anyone?

  • Is it too bold to say he's the best player in the National League Central?

Plus, remember Tommy Pham?

And, Alex delivers a Chirp of the Week that we can only hope won't be duplicated by the potential MVP this year!


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