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Chirps: Happy Cardinals-mas

This time of year calls for reflection and gratefulness.

Whether you're celebrating with a home full of family and friends, or alone in the peace and quiet, or not celebrating at all, we wish you a season of joy and peace and love... and baseball, of course.

Yes, that's hard to come by this time of year, but that's why we're taking this opportunity to reflect on what we're most grateful for when it comes to Cardinals baseball.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and here's to 2019 from Chirps!

Oh, and there's also this...

Drumroll, please!

The Birds on the Black Beanie Giveaway winners!

  • @RebbieGrill

  • @JeffMoore78

  • @KFite13

  • @JFeRg52

  • @bubba1425

Congratulations, and THANK YOU for being part of our incredible community. Someone from the Birds on the Black team will be reaching out shortly for mailing info, so keep an eye on your email inbox!


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