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BotB Shorts: Well, shoot, I thought there was a game tonight

I was visiting family this weekend and mostly offline, unplugged, and away from my reliable Cardinals schedule at work. I returned home late this afternoon, took a quick glance at my MLB app showing that the game against the Mets kicked off tonight at 8:15 p.m., and then planned the rest of my evening accordingly. Cooked some dinner. Got the last kid down by 8:00 (a minor miracle these days). And then sat down to watch the game.

It was nowhere to be found on the Extra Innings channels. Same with Fox Sports 1. Same with ESPN. MLB Network? Nope.

Oh. Oh no.

I'm sorry, but that jump straight from "Sun" to "Tue" really isn't conspicuous enough, MLB.

And Anthony Rizzo is wrong and so was I. These guys should have to play every damn day. This is awful.


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