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About Last Night: Working On... What?!?

You're frustrated. I'm frustrated. They're frustrated.

"Turning a corner" is evidently not as easy as it sounds, as the Cardinals needed just 24 hours to revert to the ice-cold version of themselves. Phillies starter Vince Velasquez (coming off of surgery this winter that may or may not have been for Thorasic Outlet Syndrome) stifled the Cardinals bats, and refreshing the concerns about a hitting approach that seems completely inflexible.

Maybe they just need to swing the bat more, especially in "hitter's counts. Maybe they need to learn how to hit around the shift. Maybe they need a different voice telling them the same things they already know.

I don't know how they fix it. I just know it's harder and harder to watch whatever they're working on fail to generate results.


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